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The Strateo Lombard Loan

An attractive financing opportunity for you?

A Lombard loan is a fixed-interest loan that can be granted through the liquid securities already held in the portfolio. Interest is accrued only on the used part of the loan.

You benefit from a credit line that can be used to increase your portfolio thanks to the securities already held in your portfolio.

Would you like to have additional liquidity ?

With a Strateo Lombard loan, you increase your financial flexibility. You can use the Lombard loan to invest in potentially exciting new investment opportunities without touching your existing securities portfolio.

So easy – the Strateo Lombard loan

It can be approved swiftly and simply against a pledge of assets that can be converted easily into liquidity, such as equities, funds, ETFs or bonds. You can borrow against the deposited assets up to a certain percentage of their market value.

The right solution for you in different situations

  • diversify your current securities portfolio by securing additional capital
  • secure additional capital to leverage your portfolio in a modest way
  • anticipating investment opportunities arising in the near future

Structure the Lombard loan the way you want

Terms and conditions for the Lombard loan are flexible so you can have the loan that best meets your needs:

  • Term : Variable. There is no fixed maturity
  • Interest rate : interest rates are based on the prevailing market conditions
  • Interest due : Quarterly. You only pay interest on the amount you effectively use
  • Currencies : can be granted to you in a number of different currencies
  • Minimum amount : 10’000
  • Maximum amount : 50% of the market value of your investment portfolio

Your benefits at a glance

  • Obtain additional capital without having to sell your investment securities holdings
  • Continue to enjoy the capital appreciation and income potential of your securities
  • May alter the structure of your portfolio at any time
  • There is no cost at all if you do not use the credit line

Risks that you should be
aware of

In order to respect your Lombard loan, the value of your total securities portfolio should exceed the amount of the credit loan by 50% (i.e. a coverage ratio of 150%, certain further corrections may apply). If the assets in your portfolio decline in value, the bank is entitled to adjust the loan.

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