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Learn more about all of our tools and services, which can help you with your choices and continually monitor your investments.

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Global Analyzer

Know your investments: this tool lets you instantly diagnose
the stocks that interest you.

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Idea Centre

Find the best opportunities every day. Search among over 10,000 European and US stock for the ones that match your criteria.

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Virtual portfolio

Simply create one or more virtual portfolios and virtually monitor the results. This is ideal to test your new investment strategy!

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Invest efficiently

  • Market depth

    Know exactly how much other buyers and sellers are bidding and asking when you place an order on Euronext Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam.

  • Extended Hours Trading

    React more quickly to the US markets. Extended Hours Trading lets you place certain orders before and after regular opening hours.

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  • Streamer

    Follow your securities in a dedicated window. See each quote change without having to refresh your screen.

  • Real-time quotes

    Get real-time quotes for the stock exchanges available via Strateo (except for Madrid, Oslo and Canada). This service is free for any market in which you execute at least 3 transactions in a month.

In-depth analysis

  • Technical analysis

    This tool, which is complementary to the Global Analyzer, offers you a technical analysis of a specific stock.

    You have a choice of 3 modules:

    • The « diagnostic » module

      This offers a diagnostic summary. It highlights the trend, the support and resistance levels. A forecast is also available for future development of the stock.

    • The « comments » module

      This offers you detailed comments according to the technical indicators that you have chosen: Bollinger Bands, RSI, Momentum, MACD, etc. The module makes it far easier to interpret these sometimes complex technical models.

    • The « strategies » module

      This allows you to create your own technical analysis strategies and to save them for later use. With this module, you can put together a list of stock of your choosing, based on certain criteria. Basic strategies are also made available to you.

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