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What are Futures?

Strateo offers more than 450 futures in major financial centres from Chicago to Singapore at particularly attractive prices. Futures are a contractual agreement to buy or sell a commodity or a certain financial instrument at a set price and a specific later date. Using our trading platforms, you can access a wide range of products (oil, metals, currencies, bonds, agricultural commodities and indices) on global futures markets including the CME Group, Eurex and Euronext. Futures allow you to speculate in particular on the movements of the price of the underlying assets, but are also often used for hedging purposes.

The delayed prices of the Futures can be consulted on the Strateo Pro platforms.

Main risk factors linked to CFDs

  • Risk linked to leverage
  • Gap risk
  • Market risk

Because of the risks and leverage effect of the proposed products on the Strateo Pro platform, Strateo Pro focuses on experienced investors with a very high risk profile. An investment in CFD’s, Futures and Forex involves great risks such as the risk of multiplying your losses due to the leverage effect (because of the leverage you can lose more than your initial investment, independent of the period you are keeping your investment), risk of mandatory closure, liquidity risk (risk you are not able to close your position because of missing counterparty in the market of the underlying instrument). Due to the volatility of these investments, it is required that the open positions in these instruments are followed up on a daily basis, even during the day. Investors without sufficient knowledge and experience of these instruments should not trade in them.

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