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With $4,000 billion exchanged every day, the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market represents the most liquid market in the world (a volume approximately 10 times greater than that of the world share market). Actors present on the Forex market include banks, multinational firms and other financial establishments with the objective of covering exchange risks or making profit by speculation.

Strateo proposes 2 types of derivative products on the Forex market of which the trading strategies are very similar i.e. Forex spot trading and trading on forex pairs with future value dates via Forwards. Forex spot and forex forwards are derivative financial products of which the payoff is linked to the rise or fall of the value of an underlying currency pair. Forex spot and forex forwards are leveraged products and the investor does not become owner of the underlying asset.

Since the advent of high-speed Internet and trading platforms, we are also seeing a significant increase in the number of private investors on the Forex market. This market in fact offers several advantages to active investors. With one of the most recognized platforms world-wide, both by professionals and by private individuals, Strateo enables its customers to optimally profit from the currency market.

The real-time prices of the Forex currency pairs can be consulted on the Strateo Pro platforms.

Forex forward

Forex forward contracts are future foreign exchange contracts, used by companies for coverage against foreign exchange variations. Forex forward contracts in fact make it possible, on conclusion of the transaction, to fix the rate applicable on maturity. So companies with a highly developed international business can cover themselves against a potential foreign exchange fluctuation and avoid significant losses of money should rates change unfavorably. Furthermore, Forex forward contracts are also ideal instruments for profiting from discrepancies on interest rates between foreign currencies.

Advantages associated with the foreign exchange market

  • 160 currency pairs can be traded in cash or by forward contracts
  • Market open 24 hours a day, from Sunday 9.00 p.m. CET to Friday 11.00 p.m. CET
  • Option of benefiting from upward and downward trends
  • Spread (difference between price offered and price requested) of 3 pips on EUR/USD on intraday (roll-over fees will be added overnight – see page "Tariffs Forex" -> "Forex Trading Conditions")
  • Leverage available of up to 50:1: means customers can take positions up to 100 times the available value on the account
  • Quotes in real time and execution of orders in just one click
  • Very high liquidity - Execution with just one click for positions of up to €20 million
  • Option of investing in gold (XAU) and silver (XAG) in cash

Main risks associated with the foreign exchange market

  • Market risk
  • Counterparty risk
  • Gap risk
  • Forced liquidation risk

Because of the risks and leverage effect of the proposed products on the Strateo Pro platform, Strateo Pro focuses on experienced investors with a very high risk profile. An investment in CFD’s, Futures and Forex involves great risks such as the risk of multiplying your losses due to the leverage effect (because of the leverage you can lose more than your initial investment, independent of the period you are keeping your investment), risk of mandatory closure, liquidity risk (risk you are not able to close your position because of missing counterparty in the market of the underlying instrument). Due to the volatility of these investments, it is required that the open positions in these instruments are followed up on a daily basis, even during the day. Investors without sufficient knowledge and experience of these instruments should not trade in them.

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